Meet The Maker 🌶️

Hi, I’m Nevis, the founder and creator of Pickle my Chili.

This journey began for me in 2020 with the idea of making a nutritious, alive, sugar free hot sauce with layers of flavour... 

Hand made on Phillip Island, we source local ingredients across Australia.

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🔥🥵 What Makes our Hot Sauces Different...


Slowly tending to each stage of production I hand process everything, from the initial mash making to aging with local Gippsland organic vinegar.

These raw sauces slowly and harmoniously come together to create exquisitely mouth-watering delights which invite the pallet to want more.

Using traditional ceramic for the fermenting process ensures a tastier hot sauce, as these are the only vessels that carry the umami flavour. As time passes, the crocks mature, infusing every bottle with unapparelled depth of character.

Giving time, patience, and love to the whole process, while embracing the skills and knowledge of my ancestors, I am devoted to bring you the most tempting sauces possible.


Much like a good red wine, fermented and raw hot sauce, benefits immensely from the aging process...

The flavours develop and meld together, becoming rich and complex in character. Any sharpness softens and the bitterness becomes rounded and more palatable.

This aging process will continue indefinitely, reaching its maturity at the 2-year mark. This is when it is at its peak, the sauce becomes silky and perfectly balanced with length, sophisticated flavour, and refined nuances.

Your sauce comes to you a minimum of three months into the aging process and is perfect to consume now but if you have the patience what can develop will be truly magnificent.